& Juliet

When entering the theatre to watch this brand new show, I thought I would know the storyline but it be told in a modern way. As much as I was right, I couldn’t of been more wrong. This amazing musical written by David West Read totally transforms Juliet’s fate into a story you could not imagine..

As much as I enjoy jukebox musicals, they are never my first choice. But this musical is different. After hearing the first line of the cleverly incorporated pop song, you hear the reaction of the audiences recognition of the song they probably know all the words to. All of a sudden, you don’t know the words no more and you forget it’s a pop song because your too caught up with the real emotions of the song and how the lyrics connect to the story on the stage. I walked out of the theatre thinking it was probably impossible to write a brand new score because all of these Max Martin songs fit so perfect. Other than all the songs being absolute bangers, my favourite part was how a original solo song could be getting sung by two characters, showing their different perspectives on a situation; like how Shakespeare and Anne argue through the song ‘I want it that way’. Cassidy Janson playing Anne was definitely my fave, not only does this show focus on Juliet it also tells Anne’s story.

Of course the costumes and set is a beautiful mix between traditional and current but the thing that really brings the show to life is the choreography. What is better than watching a fierce group of hip hop dancers dominating the beat of the song you know all too well, whilst your tapping your feet along with them.

If you need a bit of empowerment in your life, this is the show to see. Better yet, if you are already empowered go and see a fully diverse cast discuss real issues in a comic, relatable and (not that) subtle way. It is definitely a feel good show that leaves you with a big grin on your face from beginning to end. Out of all the re-told stories of Romeo and Juliet, this feels real and right. Each person on that stage brings their own personality, which reflects through their costumes, a mixture of funky Shakespearean era costumes, paired with a pair of trainers of course.

I’m here for it, go and see it #RomeoWho

Les Misérables

I’ve waited years to see this musical and oh wow it did not disappoint. When going to see a show that I know is so loved and everyone raves about, I’m always worried that I’ve set my expectations too high and I’ll be wanting something more but this was not the case. Nothing gives me goosebumps like a strong ensemble harmony and this musical is just full of it. Even though the set is more minimalistic than other shows and having heard about the drastic changes, I was expecting it to be much more simple and bare on stage, saying that it was enough and never once took away from the story and the beautiful vocals.

Speaking of vocals, Jean Valjean’s amazing vocals from start to finish was breathtaking, specifically in bring them home. Honestly you could not hear a pin drop in the theatre and I didn’t even notice my eyes were streaming until the roar of applause that followed when he finished. Just beautiful. However, Javert stole the show for me, being the first time seeing this live I actually felt a emotional attachment to him all the way through the show. And to make it even better to find out cover Jordan Pollard was playing him just hours after a flight from Vietnam, he was just amazing with no sign of jet lag!

I have always been a lover of the Les Mis soundtrack but ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ is a song that over the years has lost its emotional touch with me but wow was she beaut. After years of pressing skip I now haven’t got it off repeat.

Any young performer i see on the stage warms my heart and always blows me away with the talent, little Gavroche of course was a scene stealer whenever on stage and his death is something I will never get over. That’s all I want to say on that!

I still can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this musical but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

I have always been a lover of musical theatre, that was obvious from Cats being my go to film from the age of 2. Saying that, I actually didn’t join musical theatre until I was about 11, being involved in plenty of productions; this is where I found my love for dance. I trained in Musical Theatre full time from the age of 16, but this was heavily dance focused. This led to completing my degree solely in dance, in which I graduated this year. But that’s enough about my personal involvement in the industry, because as much as I have less involvement in musical theatre now, my love for going to watch shows/musicals has only grown. The perfect evening to me is going to the theatre, whether to see a new show or one I’ve seen multiple times, each time is magical as you can never anticipate what you are going to witness. After seeing these shows, I would love to see what other people were saying so I thought why not share my experiences. I’ve been to see countless amount of shows, but there is still sooo many more to see! Read along, recommend shows and also know that this is all just for fun!!

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